Ready for Raw Syllabus

What We'll Cover in Each Session of Ready for Raw

Please click the titles below for brief summaries of our 15 sessions.

Session 1: Starting on the Road to Raw...

Let the raw journey begin! We'll start this first session by exploring exactly what "raw" food is. Then we'll look at the various food groups raw food enthusiasts include in their diet. You'll find out the nutritional benefits of each type of food and why you're likely to feel better, and see improvements in your health, if you eat them daily. Next, you'll learn strategies that make it easy to consume more raw food. And finally, you'll start building your raw repertoire and your kitchen confidence with two simple, yet tasty and nutrition-packed recipes.

Session 2: Super Juices, Smoothies, and Shakes

In this session, you'll find out all about "super drinks" and why they're making so many raw food enthusiasts feel better all day long. Through recipes that are a treat for your taste buds and a nutritional gift for your body, you'll get comfortable—and creative—making juices, green smoothies, and shakes. Feeding yourself well in the morning is about to become much easier! We'll also make a delightful dessert shake that can ensure your day ends in a delicious and healthful way, too.

Session 3: Comfort Breakfasts: Cereals and Non-Dairy Milks

Eating a hi-raw diet doesn't mean you have to give up the tastes and textures you crave! This session is all about creating two old favorites in new and healthy ways. Get ready to make your own cereals and non-dairy milks! Sound complicated? It isn't. You'll learn delicious recipes that take just minutes to prepare. Best of all, as your mouth savors favorite flavors delivered with a comforting crunch, your body will delight in fresh nutrition that it could never get from a store-bought product in a box.

Session 4: Eat More Veggies: Raw Salads and Soups

You may have been eating salads your whole life, but now it's time to get inspired about them! In this session, you'll learn outstanding salad recipes that you can enjoy as presented and use to spur your own creativity. You'll also gain the kitchen skills you need to make salad preparation easy and fun. Before you know it, you'll be preparing vegetables that are as visually appealing as they are delicious. Then we'll cover raw soups that are bursting with flavor, incredibly easy and satisfying, and packed full of nutrients.

Session 5: The Secret's in the Sauce: Raw Dressings, Dips, and Pâtés

In this session, we'll take the mystery out of creating perfectly balanced flavors. You'll see how six simple elements are the key to keeping your taste buds happy. Then we'll focus on sauces. Sauces are really just a flavor delivery system, and you'll discover how they make it possible to create a different raw meal every day, even if you're working with virtually the same ingredients. Get ready to banish the idea that a hi-raw diet has to feel limited or monotonous. You're going to discover how to keep it healthy, easy, and exciting!

Session 6: Beyond Salads: Raw Entrées and Vegetable Sides

Recipes that rely heavily on vegetables are often exceptionally light. This can be good—or frustrating. Sometimes, even though you're eating hi-raw, you want your meals to be hearty. We'll address that in this session as you learn to make several phenomenally easy entrées by stacking, stuffing, and rolling the pâté you already mastered. Then you'll see how you can stay raw and still experience the comfort—and tastiness—of some classic pasta dishes. And finally, we'll cover raw vegetable sides that are so tender and delicious you'd swear they must have been braised.

Session 7: Raw Menu Planning Made Easy...

In this session, you'll get powerful strategies that make eating hi-raw a natural and easy thing to do. We'll start with your kitchen, transforming it so it's raw ready. (No, we won't remove any walls—just a lot of obstacles.) You'll be amazed how much difference having a kitchen that supports your efforts makes in your life! Then we'll delve into weekly menu planning and shopping, exploring how these tasks, approached the right way, can turn being hi-raw from a struggle to a joy. Finally, we'll cover advance ingredient preparation, uncovering how it can save you oodles of time and stress.

Session 8: Healthy Cooked Additions Part 1...

Learn how selected cooked vegetable dishes can round out your hi-raw diet. We'll discuss what the healthiest cooked foods are and identify the healthiest cooking methods. You'll see why root vegetables are culinary gems and learn the best ways of preparing them. You'll also pick up new ways of making greens and discover why cooking fibrous veggies like broccoli and cauliflower leads you to eating more of them. And finally you'll get a comforting warm soup recipe that's nearly raw but tastes like a cooked classic.

Session 9: Healthy Cooked Food Additions Part 2...

In this session, you'll see how beans and gluten-free whole grains can benefit your health. We'll discuss strategies for easily fitting them into your hi-raw diet—as sides, entrées, or additions to the raw dishes you're already making. You'll learn valuable cooking tips to make preparing grains and beans as time and cost efficient as possible. And, as always, you'll get suggestions to spark your creativity and receive tasty recipes along the way.

Session 10: Raw on the Go...

How do you keep your diet healthy and hi-raw when you're on the go? From portable lunches to take to work, to snacks you can grab when you only have a minute, to raw meals you can make in a hotel room—we'll cover it all in this session. You'll see why hi-raw doesn't have to mean high stress, even when you're away from your routine. And by the end, you'll know exactly how to prepare to hit the road and why being hi-raw can sometimes actually make traveling easier!

Session 11: Raw Desserts Part 1...

In this first of two sessions about raw desserts, you'll find out how to create sensational raw cakes, cookies, pies, and tarts. You'll see how most of your favorite cooked desserts can be prepared as much healthier, easier to make raw ones.  Get ready to discover why raw treats have so much to offer that even those with no particular interest in raw food should stand up and take notice!

Session 12: Raw Desserts Part 2...

In our second session on raw desserts, you'll learn to prepare dairy-free creamy treats including sorbet, ice cream, mousse, custard, and more. You'll be amazed by how much healthier some of your favorite indulgences can be without tasting or feeling any less indulgent.  These are guaranteed to bring out your creative side and leave the kid in you jumping for joy!

Session 13: Raw Entertaining and Holidays

Holidays and social events can be especially challenging when you're hi-raw. So, in this session, we'll explore how you can maintain your healthy diet and still enjoy occasions that revolve around food. You'll learn the best raw recipes for get-togethers and get tips for introducing raw foods to others in a way that piques their interest not their judgment. We'll also cover how to stay sane when you're the one throwing the party. You'll come away ready to try out the role of hi-raw guest or host.

Session 14: Raw Food Made Easy Light...

Sometimes eating extra light is just what your body needs in order to rest and recharge. In this session, you'll find out how to follow a lighter raw diet that's especially low in fat and sugar, yet still delicious and satisfying. The tips you get will make it easy to keep eating well when you're trying to shed a few pounds or just maintain abundant health and energy. You'll also get pointers on how to do a mild cleanse or detox by temporarily lightening your diet even more in a way that won't feel like a struggle. The topics we'll cover will help ensure you have long-term success at eating in an optimum way.

Session 15: Special Concerns...

We'll start our final session with a look at how to prevent eating hi-raw from being a budget buster. You'll learn ways to get the maximum nutrition and enjoyment from your food while spending the minimum dollars. Then we'll delve into making hi-raw foods work for fitness buffs or when you're just generally very physically active. You'll discover effective hi-raw food strategies for keeping your energy up and your extra-hungry stomach satisfied. And we'll close by exploring which hi-raw foods are most appealing to kids and what you can do to pique children's' interest in healthy eating.